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imageShowing off the new Microsoft Mixed Reality devices at a lot of awesome events lately…

If you love VR (Virtual Reality) / MR (Mixed Reality) and now XR (eXtended Reality) as much as I do – don’t miss this upcoming event … on Tuesday 12/5

I’ll be there with the latest and greatest from Microsoft – including the new Samsung Odyssey MR Headsets –and- of course the Hololens :)

And sign up for the Madison XR Meetup Group for future awesome events!


Kids can’t help but to smile when exploring with the Hololens…  Had 50+ kids at the Robot Symposium get their first experience with Augmented Reality – will certainly be part of their future!

image As I always emphasize – invest in yourself first!  So attend education events, user group meetings, sent aside time specifically to learn, etc.

Today I drove down from Madison to Chicago area to attend a free Microsoft WebCamp event. Worth the ~3+ hour drive. :)

“The new release of ASP.NET and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2013 make it easier than ever to build cutting-edge websites – and once you create a beautiful, interactive site, you can quickly deploy and scale it with Microsoft Azure! … no-fluff events created for developers, by developers.”

For those in Wisconsin, there is another one coming up in Waukesha on March 24th 2015 – but I didn’t want to wait… :)

Click here to Register — and here’s the Source and Slides.

Thanks to David Giard, our Microsoft Evangelist for leading the event.

Twitter: @DavidGiard, Blog:




Chicago Code Camp

April 26

Grayslake, IL

Kalamazoo X

April 26

Kalamazoo, MI

Azure Developer Camp

April 30

Chicago, IL

ALM Chicago

May 1

Chicago, IL

Virtual Hackathon

May 1- June 5    

Chicago and online


May 5-8

Chicago, IL

Code For Rockford Brigade Kickoff

May 10

Rockford, IL

//PUBLISH Hackathon

May 16-17

Chicago, IL

//PUBLISH Hackathon – Milwaukee     

May 16

Milwaukee, WI

SharePoint Saturday

May 17

Addison, IL

GoTo Conference – Chicago

May 20-23

Chicago, IL


July 11-12

Knoxville, TN

Iowa Code Camp

July 19

Des Moines, IA

That Conference

August 11-13

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Madison Ruby

August 21

Madison, Wi


August 27-29

Chattanooga, TN

Chippewa Valley Code Camp


Thanks to David Giard {} for compiling these!

Some very difficult choices in choosing from so many awesome talks at That Conference – but can’t wait – and wanted to share…

For those speakers and talks that I’m not able to get to – love to have you out to MADdotNET to give your presentations!

Encourage everyone to share their schedule!




8:30 AM

Denise Jacobs Denise Jacobs Keynote

10:30 AM

Chris May Developing applications for Google Glass

1:00 PM

  THAT Wildlife

2:30 PM

Chris Gardner Biometrics: Using You Body for Fun and Profit

4:00 PM

Mike Rohde Sketchnoting Workshop

8:00 PM

  Game Night


8:30 AM

Dave Thomas Dave Thomas Keynote

10:30 AM

Leon Gersing Keep Software Weird

1:00 PM

Lance Larsen Sewing for Geeks — IL Weaving with AOP

2:30 PM

Brian Kalbfleisch We Can with WeDO. Using LEGO to Teach Little Campers Programming.

4:00 PM

Lance Larsen Robots Robots Robots!  Lego Mindstorm EV3

5:30 PM

  That Pig Roast

10:30 PM

  Waterpark Party


8:30 AM

Doc Norton Michael “Doc” Norton Keynote

10:30 AM

Sharon Cichelli Hello, Arduino: Write code that interacts with the real world

1:00 PM

Keith Burnell Teaching the Junior Campers to Program with the Grown Up Tools

2:30 PM

John Hauck Kidz That Code

Created the following Xbox’ish Achievements and wanted to share with everyone for That Conference

Updated my Counselor image on my That Conference Profile page as follows.


Download them all here!  With a PaintShop Pro master image file for all the layer’y goodness.

Thanks Clark adding to the ideas!

Tickets for #thatConference – the premier Mid-West ( and beyond ) developer conference go on sale at 8:12 am tomorrow morning!

Get over to Eventbrite early @

After all the success last year and 750+ very happy attendees – be warned that they could sell quickly, so get your tickets as soon as possible – don’t be left out of the waterpark… errr… developer conference…!

  • 125+ talks — in fact, just finished arranging the schedule of talks ( top secret – hush hush ) – and there are so many great ones that I don’t know which ones to choose myself!
  • All technology stacks – and spectacular lineup of speakers.  Check out the sessions!  Check out the speakers!  After that, easy decision…
  • New this year!  A whole room and set of talks specifically for kids and family geek events — including many about teaching programming to kids.  I’ll be doing “Robots Robots Robots! Lego Mindstorm EV3” about the not even released yet new LEGO robotics Mindstorm EV3 set – that comes out just a little more than a week prior to the event.  Look at these links for new EV3 awesomeness – &
  • Waterpark – Waterpark – Waterpark!  Did I mention I’m bringing my family to a developer conference?  How many conferences can you say that about and NOT be filing for a divorce afterwards…? :)
  • Lastly, don’t forget to signup for the thatConference Newsletter – middle of page off of thatConference site.

Again – get on early – get your tickets and then you don’t have to worry about missing out.

See you at 8:12 am @

dotnetConfHave the dotnetConf live stream up and running while working… Totally free – online 2-day developer conference.  It looks to be a fantastic line up of talks both today and tomorrow!  Join dotnetConf

We have a lot of really great events coming up!  Wanted to make sure everyone is aware of how many cool events there are – and how dedicated the people that make these events possible are looking to help you!

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