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Skyloft4In the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17115 (RS4) – there’s a cool new feature…

You can now take mixed reality photos directly from your controller by holding the Windows button and then tapping the trigger.

As always, you can also use your voice by saying “Hey Cortana, take a photo” or “Hey Cortana, record a video”

If you haven’t see Skyloft yet – check out my previous video

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NEW (Northeast Wisconsin) Code Camp (Appleton, WI) – Saturday – March 24th, 2018

Twin Cities Code Camp (Minneapolis, MN) – Saturday – April 21st, 2018

Chicago Code Camp (Chicago, IL) – Saturday – June 9th, 2018

That Conference (Wisconsin Dells, WI) – Monday to Wednesday – August 6th to 8th, 2018

Central Wisconsin IT Conference (Stevens Point, WI) – Saturday – Oct 6th, 2018 (NEW – added 3/22)

Cream City Code (Milwaukee, WI) – Saturday – October 13, 2018  (NEW – added 3/21)

Some are still open for “Call for Speakers” so get your submissions in now!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at each! (Note Cream City Code’s call for speakers opens May 1st, 2018)

Missing any…?  Send them to me!  (

imageWe coach a FTC (First Technology Challenge) robotics team, team 10100 Phoenix Force in Wisconsin.

As practice is a key to success, they wanted to run the robot more often in the full 12’ x 12’ competition arena.

But, we don’t own one.

But, we DO own a Hololens.

So the team made their own Augmented Reality FTC arena!  Created it in Unity.  Watch the video of the robot running in the Augmented Arena!

The team went all the way to the State championships again this year – so super successful…  plotting already for next year!

In the future, they would like to make this available to every team – using other technologies like the Mixed Reality Viewer, etc. – then everyone with a Windows 10 PC would be able to practice with their robots.  What amazing things we will be able to do… :)

Watch one of their matches where they deploy the Relic out of the arena!


imageTalking all things Mixed Reality and Hololens at a very exciting conference coming up in Milwaukee, WI on April 12/13, 2018.

So join us at CypherCon 3.0 Wisconsin’s Hacker Conference for Mixed Reality Awesomeness!

imageFor my fellow Microsoft MVPs – check out the MVP Companion open source application by one of our fellow MVPs (Lance McCarthy) – I refer to him as @TheOtherLance – awesome contribution to the community! 

Allows us to easily add submissions to our MVP profiles!

imageVery excited to have been chosen to be one of the presenters at this years Twin Cities Code Camp!

Will be continuing to share my passion for Mixed Reality development – with my “Ready Player Two: VR Game Dev” series of talks!

In the year 2044, the world is in crisis. To escape that reality, the populace turns to the OASIS, a virtual reality MMORPG that is more than just a game – it is a completely immersive virtual society.

Back in 2018, at the dawn of VR, the seeds of our future were planted. What would come to be a billion dollar market, that changed the world forever, began then…

Join us in viewing the 2018 talk by the Microsoft MVP Lance Larsen (, one of the founders of HOLOSOFT (

This historic presentation inspired a generation of VR developers – leading at least in part to the OASIS we have today.

Code focused talk that will get everyone started making Microsoft Mixed Reality VR games

  • Focus on the latest and greatest VR hardware and software
  • Focus on creating VR experiences within Unity / C# and Visual Studio
  • Focus on integrating VR controllers
  • Focus on creating your own 3D VR launch icons

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SkyloftWelcome to Skyloft for Windows Mixed Reality

Skyloft is the next Virtual house that will be available for those that have immersed themselves in Microsoft’s Mixed Reality. 

To get this for yourself – you’ll need to either wait for April/May when the next version of Windows rolls out -or- sign up for the Windows Insider “Fast Ring”… (Update now also available for the “Slow Ring”)

If you need help with either – just ping me!

Watch the YouTube Video as we explore Skyloft!

More info on: Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17115 (RS4)

RoomAdjustQuestion:  When using your Windows Mixed Reality “WMR” headsets, after it goes through it’s calibration, sometimes it has the issue that the floor appears too high and it feels like you’re considerable shorter than you should be…  What can you do?

Answer:  It’s not obvious – but there’s a application that you can find in the apps called Room Adjustment.

As you can see, on your Start Menu you can find the Room Adjustment application.

Launch that.  Now you can easily adjust the floor up and down to the correct height! 

Watch a YouTube video of us walking you through it!

imageNot sure about the rest of my Hololens “Holonauts” – but I like to keep up on everything coming out for the Hololens… but browsing for Apps on the Hololens is not necessarily ideal… So bookmark this link to see everything available for the Hololens… 

Hololens Apps in the Windows Store

Bonus points for someone who can find a way to order by most recent release…

imageQuestion: How many times have you been to a Developer presentation, or in a meeting and had the presenter not have their text large enough?  Then when you ask them if they can make it larger… they struggled… 

Solution: Windows Magnifier!

Magnifier is an existing feature that make it possible to quickly enlarge a section of your screen – easily making it possible to professionally show your audience what they need to see.

I stress to you to practice with this feature!

Last think you want to be doing is “learning” how to use it in front of a live audience.

Setting this up is quick and easy – but here are a couple hints / settings to make it even better…


  Windows Key + Plus Zooms in
  (Pressing multiple times keeps zooming in)


  Windows Key + Minus Zooms out
  (Pressing multiple times keeps zooming out)

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