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imageIs all of the text in the screen-shot to the left readable from the back row when coding live to a room of our fellow developers?  Will you be zooming in-and-out constantly?

As presenters – we practice and practice, often spending several weeks or longer working on a single presentations…  preparing for demo failure…  researching and most importantly learning so we can share and grow our community!

But what we all-to-often DON’T practice is the actual presentation to an audience – or even a simulated audience.

So in this post, we’ll focus on preparing the visual elements and create your own personal Visual Studio “Presentation Theme”!!!

<Note> Please refer to my previous post for effective Zooming-in-and-out: Windows 10 – Best Kept Secrets: Magnifier </Note>

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imageIt is an absolute honor to be among those few recognized by Microsoft in 2018 as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

Being an MVP allows for empowering access to the Microsoft engineers, which we repay with our blood, sweat, tears and feedback… :)

Being a software engineer is truly what dreams are made of, with our only boundaries being our imagination and time.

I will of course continue to thrown myself into the deep end of MR/AR/VR; Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – and will continue to share with you what I’ve learned, available technologies, emerging technologies and the tools we use to write beautiful applications.

Working towards a Mixed Reality Future!