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So after one of the latest installs / updates I started having weird issues on my computer – some were just annoying, some were critical and didn’t allow for programs to even open – such as Visual Studio throwing the oh-so-helpful exception of “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”… If that wasn’t clear – well what is?!?!

Here were other symptoms:

  • Unable start Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and SQL Server Management Studio 2012
  • Missing icons for Windows Explorer on the taskbar, icons for some of the other tools (Services, Event Viewer, etc.)
  • From the Command Prompt or when running batch files – XCopy and other commands stopped working.

Have you guessed the fix for this yet? No? Me neither… So I “Googled” it on BING and came up with the following nugget of… well I would say gold, but you all will soon know that I’m thinking it was a nugget of…

“A path environment variable cannot exceed 2048 characters”… say what? Really? Is this y2k’s revenge?

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