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imageMicrosoft is ecstatic to announce the twentieth anniversary edition of their flagship IDE: Visual Studio 2017!

Join us for a local product launch event on Friday, March 17th at Centare’s Brookfield office. (300 North Executive Drive Suite 300, Brookfield, WI 53005)

Register HERE for Free!

Hear from local technical experts Mitch Muenster (Xamarin), David Pine (C#), Scott Addie (.NET Core) and Lance Larsen (HoloLens) as they showcase what’s new and shiny for developers.  This is a free event sponsored by Microsoft and Centare!

09:00 – 09:50 AM: Xamarin
10:00 – 10:50 AM: .NET Core Tooling
11:00 – 11:50 AM: C# 7
12:00 – 12:50 PM: Lunch
01:00 – 02:00 PM: HoloLens

unnamedI’m fortunate to be at the forefront of Augmented and Virtual Reality development – combining that with my years of contacts from running the awesome MADdotNET (Madison’s .NET User Group) – makes it possible to do Corporate Outreach on a regular basis.

Excited to head out to talk to one of my favorite companies NRC (New Resource Consulting) on Feb. 23rd.

Have some phenomenal Hololens development information to pass on – and hope to excite some new developers to push the boundaries of what they know and where they are going…

Augmented Reality is the future.

//Lance :)

So pleased that I’ve been able to share the experience of a HoloLens with well over 2000+ people just since //BUILD/ this spring – with likely 1000+ actually being able to experience the amazing view for themselves! (especially demoing four of them at once for 16+ hours at That Conference, the official Summer Camp for Geeks!)

So, now what?  We know what the HoloLens can do…  We know how to “bloom” and “click” – we know the amazing tech specs – we know that RoboRaid is one of the best games of all time – what next?  Simple – HoloLens 201 Tour is in the works!

imageBuilding the Age of Experiences: Hololens + IoT

The Information Age has Evolved, Welcome to the Age of Experiences!

We are living through another critical stage in the evolution of technology, we are at the very beginning of looking at our world through augmented eyes.  We –  and those that follow us — will no longer be satisfied with looking at a flat computer screen at our desks, or even on our mobile devices.  We will come to expect and demand to be immersed within our environment with but a single glance through augmented eyes.

Join Lance Larsen as we explore the technologies that are enabling the Age of Experiences, and how we as developers can unite both the Hololens, IoT devices and sensors to usher in the new age!


Had an amazing time being able to show off the amazing reality rEVolution that is the HoloLens – here was just some of the previous HoloLens 101 tours.

Past HoloLens Tour Stops!

(6.22.2016) Madison Mobile Meetup
(8.02.2016) Milwaukee .NET User Group
(8.8 – 8.10.2016) That Conference (Hands on Demos)
(4.10.2016) LCNUG (Lake County .NET User Group)
(4.16.2016) Twin Cities Code Camp (TCCC)
(4.18.2016) Geek Lunch
(4.26.2016) Madison VR Meetup
(5.04.2016) MADdotNET (Madison)
(5.05.2016) Business Reach-Out (CUNA Mutual)
(5.14.2016) Madison Mini-Maker Faire

Welcome everyone to get in touch with me directly ( and will do anything I can to share the awesome technology that is the HoloLens!


imageChannel 9 – Lance Larsen on Microsoft HoloLens…

Feel that I did the Hololens justice – very excited to be one of the guys that gets to show it off – and help educate others on what a revolutionary device the Hololens is…

Thanks David Giard for a great interview! Fantastic conversation!

imageNext stop on the HoloLens Presentation Tour is the amazing Chicago Code Camp CCC

With some of my favorite developers and organizers anywhere – thanks Min, Lwin, Jason, Brett, Angela and the whole team that makes this event possible!

Giving two presentations at CCC…

Hands on with the HoloLens (11am)

HoloLens: A rEvolution of Reality! (4pm)

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

imageFourth stop on the HoloLens Presentation Tour at one of my favorite creative spaces in Madison – the Madison VR Meetup group!
Madison VR 2Madison VR

Talked at 6pm – then DEMOED all the way until 10 PM! – when the HoloLens’ batteries finally died!  Awesome time – and quite a few Holo Converts. :)

More talks on the way!  And keep adding more to the HoloLens Presentation Tour – if you or your company want to get Hands on with the HoloLens – just reach out to me (!

imageNINE hours of driving to and from Minnesota.
Over ONE HUNDRED excited attendees with standing-room-only at my presentation.
Well over FIFTY attendees and fellow speakers trying out my HoloLens for the first time!
Attendees to my HoloLens talk laughing at all my jokes — PRICELESS… :)

For all my attendees – as discussed, check out “A Holonaut’s Guide: HoloLens Development Resources” – and everyone can certainly reach out to me with any questions or insights!

IMG_3907IMG_3910Thank you to Jason Bock (@jasonbock),
Brandy Favilla (@brandyfavilla),
Mike Hodnick (@kindohm) &
Judah Gabriel Himango (@judahgabriel) for
putting on a great Twin Cities Code Camp!


0feb7a56-f8c1-45e1-a412-a7edf8141f4e (1)First of many HoloLens presentations kicks off tonight at LCNUG (Lake County .NET Users Group) —

HOLOGRAM” (noun): an image that is projected in a way that makes it appear three-dimensional.
AUGMENTED REALITY” (noun): superimposed computer-generated images on a user’s view of the real world. Aka “MIXED REALITY
HOLOLENS” (noun): the first fully untethered, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high-definition holograms seamlessly blended with your world.

imageHello Developers! (or should that be “Holo Developers!”)

Are you ready to dive into Augmented Reality? Ready to see how we can build our own Holographic world overlay where we walk with Dinosaurs and float among the stars?

Ready to see not only how we interact with holograms but how those holograms react to us? Me to…

This will be a from scratch, step-by-step, lots of coding experience! Using the latest Visual Studio, Unity and C#.

imageJoin Lance Larsen ( fresh back from the Microsoft //BUILD conference — where HoloLens was center stage!  Lance is avid community speaker -and- president of the Madison .NET developer community (

Lance speaks passionately on the dawn of a technology that could fundamentally change how we live and interact with wearable computers that enhance our perceptions of the real world! Join him in the revolution of reality!

Lance is the owner of HoloSoft ( and consults with companies to build the future with the latest .NET technologies — if you have a AR / VR project you or your company needs assistance with, let him know. :)

Lance is also one of the original organizers for That Conference ( – August 8th – 10th, 2016 – the original Summer Camp for Geeks in the Wisconsin Dells!

45544_mod_gyroboy_01_LeftAre you are new to robotics? Or do you go to bed dreaming of counting cybernetic-sheep? In either case, Lego Mindstorms EV3 has just released an awesome next generation robot kit that’s made for everyone! EV3 adds never before seen functionality in a format accessible to all current and future programmers. Learn how to start teaching and showing others how to use the Lego programming tools! And just have fun with Robots! :)

PowerPoint presentation from ThatConference 2013 (Big 109MB!)

Check out the EV3 Core Set on Lego Education US!