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45544_mod_gyroboy_01_LeftAre you are new to robotics? Or do you go to bed dreaming of counting cybernetic-sheep? In either case, Lego Mindstorms EV3 has just released an awesome next generation robot kit that’s made for everyone! EV3 adds never before seen functionality in a format accessible to all current and future programmers. Learn how to start teaching and showing others how to use the Lego programming tools! And just have fun with Robots! :)

PowerPoint presentation from ThatConference 2013 (Big 109MB!)

Check out the EV3 Core Set on Lego Education US!

Presentation coming to a .NET group near you…

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (CDT) Appleton, WI – Sign up on Eventbrite

PostSharpAspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) complements Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), giving us even more tools that increase modularity and allowing us to elegantly handle “crosscutting concerns” such as logging, exception handling and other common challenges. We’ll look at an introduction to using PostSharp, one of the most popular of the “IL Weaving” tools for cutting-edge .NET development.

Lance Larsen is the President of MADdotNET – the Madison .NET User Group – and loves to channel his passion for development into presentations such as this one, as you never learn something as well as when you plan on teaching it to others – such as you! Follow him on twitter at @lancelarsen — and get over to the MADdotNETto join our Meetup group to keep informed about upcoming events.