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So pleased that I’ve been able to share the experience of a HoloLens with well over 2000+ people just since //BUILD/ this spring – with likely 1000+ actually being able to experience the amazing view for themselves! (especially demoing four of them at once for 16+ hours at That Conference, the official Summer Camp for Geeks!)

So, now what?  We know what the HoloLens can do…  We know how to “bloom” and “click” – we know the amazing tech specs – we know that RoboRaid is one of the best games of all time – what next?  Simple – HoloLens 201 Tour is in the works!

imageBuilding the Age of Experiences: Hololens + IoT

The Information Age has Evolved, Welcome to the Age of Experiences!

We are living through another critical stage in the evolution of technology, we are at the very beginning of looking at our world through augmented eyes.  We –  and those that follow us — will no longer be satisfied with looking at a flat computer screen at our desks, or even on our mobile devices.  We will come to expect and demand to be immersed within our environment with but a single glance through augmented eyes.

Join Lance Larsen as we explore the technologies that are enabling the Age of Experiences, and how we as developers can unite both the Hololens, IoT devices and sensors to usher in the new age!


Had an amazing time being able to show off the amazing reality rEVolution that is the HoloLens – here was just some of the previous HoloLens 101 tours.

Past HoloLens Tour Stops!

(6.22.2016) Madison Mobile Meetup
(8.02.2016) Milwaukee .NET User Group
(8.8 – 8.10.2016) That Conference (Hands on Demos)
(4.10.2016) LCNUG (Lake County .NET User Group)
(4.16.2016) Twin Cities Code Camp (TCCC)
(4.18.2016) Geek Lunch
(4.26.2016) Madison VR Meetup
(5.04.2016) MADdotNET (Madison)
(5.05.2016) Business Reach-Out (CUNA Mutual)
(5.14.2016) Madison Mini-Maker Faire

Welcome everyone to get in touch with me directly ( and will do anything I can to share the awesome technology that is the HoloLens!


imageHad an awesome time with my family at the Madison Mini-Maker Faire, which had 2500+ attendees!  Went there to support my daughter’s FTC Robotics team (for which myself and my wife are the coaches) – and brought my Hololens – was showing off the Hololens and a spontaneous line formed.  6 hours+ of demoing (with a recharge in the middle) had many more amazed Hololens converts!  What an awesome piece of technology – thanks Hololens team!


imageChannel 9 – Lance Larsen on Microsoft HoloLens…

Feel that I did the Hololens justice – very excited to be one of the guys that gets to show it off – and help educate others on what a revolutionary device the Hololens is…

Thanks David Giard for a great interview! Fantastic conversation!

imageDownload the latest versions of Unity for the Hololens! 

Note – these are based on the Unity Betas but you need to make sure to get the Hololens specific version ( which is currently 5.4.0b16 HTP ) – where HTP => “Hololens Technical Preview”

This specific release “…fixed crash resulting from prolonged use of the manipulation gesture”!

imageFor all present and future holonauts, here’s an easy list of important HoloLens resources to keep close at hand…

HoloLens Tools (Start here!)

Download HoloLens Developer Tools
Unity Technical Preview (make sure to install the UWP Runtime as well)

HoloLens Training Materials

Holographic Academy
  Holograms 101: Introduction with Device
  Holograms 101E: Introduction with Emulator
  Holograms 100: Getting Started with Unity
  Holograms 240: Sharing Holograms between Devices
  Holograms 210: Gaze
  Holograms 211: Gesture
  Holograms 212: Voice
  Holograms 220: Spatial sound
  Holograms 230: Spatial mapping

Holographic Developer Documentation
Holographic Developer Forum (Have questions? Ask them here!)

HoloLens Overview

  Connecting your PC to your HoloLens
  HoloLens Interface
  Spacial Mapping
      Spacial Mapping Design
      Spacial Mapping in Unity
      Room Scan UX
  Using the HoloLens Emulator
  Reset or Recover your HoloLens

HoloLens Apps

  Galaxy Explorer Overview & Galaxy Explorer Code
  Holographic Academy Code (from //BUILD/)
  Current Apps

HoloLens Info

  HoloLens FAQ
  Want one? Apply for Developer Edition

Videos / Tutorials

//BUILD/ 2016 HoloLens Presentations ( Many of the sessions are not online yet – here are the ones that are…)
   Designing Compelling Mixed Reality Experiences
   Building a 3D Game with Unity and Visual Studio in 30 Minutes
   HoloLens: Building UWP 2D Apps for Microsoft HoloLens
   Spatial Audio with AudioGraph in UWP
   HoloLens – Devs behind “Share your ideas”

Social Media

  HoloLens YouTube Channel


  HoloSoft.Net (Latest HoloLens / AR / VR News on Facebook)
  Lance Larsen (HoloLens)

A new age of technology is upon us – and – those that enthusiastically embrace the emerging Holographic, AR and VR technologies will be positioned to guide and lead others into the Reality rEvolution!  Join your fellows and connect together on HOLOSOFT.NET! Follow on Facebook or Twitter!

imageNext stop on the HoloLens Presentation Tour is the amazing Chicago Code Camp CCC

With some of my favorite developers and organizers anywhere – thanks Min, Lwin, Jason, Brett, Angela and the whole team that makes this event possible!

Giving two presentations at CCC…

Hands on with the HoloLens (11am)

HoloLens: A rEvolution of Reality! (4pm)

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

imageFourth stop on the HoloLens Presentation Tour at one of my favorite creative spaces in Madison – the Madison VR Meetup group!
Madison VR 2Madison VR

Talked at 6pm – then DEMOED all the way until 10 PM! – when the HoloLens’ batteries finally died!  Awesome time – and quite a few Holo Converts. :)

More talks on the way!  And keep adding more to the HoloLens Presentation Tour – if you or your company want to get Hands on with the HoloLens – just reach out to me (!

Greetings fellow Holonauts!  Here are Step-by-Step visual instructions for setting up your Unity 3D application to run on your HoloLens! 

Ready to get Holographic!  This will be the start of a series of articles on making your first Unity 3D Holographic experience, ie. game :)

As detailed in “A Holonaut’s Guide: HoloLens Development Resources” – check out “Download HoloLens Developer Tools” – once you have those installed you’re ready to go!

Also check out the newly launched HoloSoft.Net for the latest HoloLens / AR / VR news!


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