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imageDay 2 (continued): Skype on the HoloLens == Sweet;

Easily choose the person you want to Skype from the floating window – or – if you’re skyped Cortona asks you if you want to “answer” or “ignore” – voice controls work flawlessly.

The person with whom Skype shows up in another floating window, which you can either “pin” or let it move along with you as you walk about. 

They see through your eyes – thus the space around you and themselves – (left) what the person wearing the HoloLens sees, and (right) what the person at their PC sees.


One thing that is not apparently a feature yet is what they show in this video about HoloLens Skype (, ie. shows to the person at the PC “writing” in holograms that the HoloLens wearer can see… assume that is to come…

Here’s the PC side UI that the video shows… next version?  Currently using


imageGreeting fellow and future Holonauts!

Day 2 (continued): Searched the PC Microsoft Store for HoloLens, not knowing what to expect – and found the simply names “Microsoft HoloLens” app. 

This is exactly what I was looking for to assist with my upcoming HoloLens presentations as it allows for “Live Streaming” of exactly what the HoloLens wearer is seeing! 

Also has many other awesome features – and here’s how you connect…

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Day 2: Sneak peek of the Microsoft Store HoloLens apps for my fellow and future Holonauts…


The HoloLens specific apps in the store are “HoloStudio”, “RoboRaid”, “Skype”, “Young Conker”, “Fragments” & “3D Viewer Beta”.

Already installed are “Cortona”, “Microsoft Edge” and “Holograms”.

Greetings fellow Holonauts!

Day 1: A marvelous device has arrived on our doorstep – Artimis, our guard dog, stands vigilant…

Initial impressions is that the HoloLens is a very high quality device in all aspects – including a very nice case… comes with extra “nose pad” and optional head strap – not planning on using either as it fits very comfortably in it’s default configuration.  Here we go…